The new 1080 software for both the Quantum series and Sprint will soon be available!

There are many improvements in the new version, with the main goal of being faster and provide a more efficient workflow for testing and training of individuals or groups. The system will also fully support working offline for testing and data capture without internet connection. Furthermore, the new version will include:

1.     Overall improved user experience and workflow without need for Wifi 

2.     Possibility to copy previous session exercises individual or group of users

3.     Easier access to previous test and training data for comparison  

4.     New color schemes for easier comparison of multiple curves, better visibility outdoors, and adjusted for users with color vision impairment. 

5.     333 Hz sample rate as compared to the current 111 Hz for higher resolution

6.     The ability to record “Quantum style” reps on the Sprint. Besides being a tool for sprinting, this turns the system into a highly versatile test platform. 

7.     A more robust software architecture paving the way for new features

This update is part of the commitment and dedication to innovation from 1080 Motion. The team is excited to release the upgrade and appreciate the feedback from our users.  A 2 hour webinar on the features and best practices will be provided. Information on webinar schedule will be sent out to all users.