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1080 Motion embodies a revolutionary advance in training for speed, power, strength, and agility: our high performance solutions utilize a computer-controlled, motorized cable system that allows coaches, trainers, and rehab professionals to apply and control resistance across a broad range of foundational exercises and functional movements.

Resisted/Assisted modes for ballistic, eccentric, isokinetic, and other targeted types of training.

Intuitive tablet display. Individualize load, speed, and inertia for each set and rep. Real time feedback and data analysis via our cloud-based platform.

Create resistance up to 300 kg/660 lbs and up to 3 x eccentric overload, regulated by our advanced algorithms.

Choose the right volume, intensity, and mode of resistance to maximize efficiency, safety, and engagement.


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Eric Lichter – Co-founder of Plus 2 University

RE_Building by Northwest Rehabilitation Associates – Salem, Oregon

Tyler Kugler – Wasatch Sports Factory – Park City, Utah

Eric Allen – Co-Founder of Pace Fitness Academy

Tommy Christian – Founder of TCBoost

Chris Korfist – Slow Guy Speed School, Chicago


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