1080 Sprint: After-hours work outshines ‘negative results’ at University of Guelph

“Negative results” should be an oxymoron, the sort of throwback phrase you use ironically

ola eriksrud, 1080 motion

Three highlights from GAINcast interview with 1080 Motion’s Ola Eriksrud

Ola Eriksrud and Vern Gambetta covered as much ground as they could in 45 minutes on

1080 sprint

1080 Sprint research: 20m sprint kinetics for basketball testing and training

The kinetics of a 20-meter sprint may tell a coach more about an athlete’s ability

1080 map

1080 MAP research: Validating the hand reach star excursion balance test

Ola Eriksrud and his colleagues recently published the first study showing the reliability

resisted sprint, 1080 sprint

Resisted and assisted sprinting for post-activation potentiation with 1080 Sprint

Dr. Gerald Mangine recently co-authored the first study examining the effect of resisted