Picture: Handballer Rikke Jensen with S&C Coach and Master student Elvir Rakovic


Rikke Jensen, playing for @IK_Savehof , nine time 2006-2016 Swedish team handball champions, is training with variable resistance. The load is set to 9 kg initially and tapers off to 1 kg at the speed of 8 m/s.

The training is part of a joint research project between the Norwegian Olympic Training Center, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and IFK Kliniken Rehab using #1080Sprint for resisted and assisted sprint training and testing. The participants are female elite team handball players training with moderate resistance, 3-9 kg, and overspeed, with individualized programs based on force-velocity profiling and sprint mechanics.

The hypothesis is that training with the 1080 Sprint will yield better results, measured as time over 30 m, compared to a control group performing non-individualized traditional sprint training.