“You didn’t know you registered for this class, did you?”

Indoors, outdoors, speed class is in session on the turf with Dr. Matt Rhea, Athletic Performance Coach for the Indiana Hoosiers football team. The curriculum? Get faster. The syllabus? A speed development plan for each player, with programming and goals based on their individualized profiles.

Watch Dr. Rhea inspire his student-athletes to go FAST during speed training sessions that apply the 1080 Sprint in this dynamic, two-minute video available here on Youtube or Hoosiers TV (IUFB Speed 101, June 19).

“It’s a computerized system that allows me to apply a very precise amount of resistance to a resisted sprint,” Dr. Rhea explains in the video, discussing the 1080 Sprint as one of the tools in the program’s toolbox for speed development. “Or, if we want to achieve an overspeed stimulus, I can add a very precise amount of speed to each one of our athletes.”

The course evaluations thus far?

“Since we got here in January we’re averaging over 2 ½ miles per hour increase our team,” Dr. Rhea explains. “So we’re seeing good speed improvement.”