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The 1080 Quantum is a research-grade performance tool for coaches, sports medicine professionals and scientists. It stands out as the only resistance device where both resistance and movement speeds can be instantly and dynamically controlled within a single repetition. These unique capabilities enable greater precision, safety and efficiency in training and rehabilitation.


What 1080 Quantum solves

With the 1080 Quantum, you can test and train individuals and teams without compromising the workflow with extra steps for data collection. The system is a composite of research instrumentation for measurement and has extremely potent loading options for training. Here is a sample of common needs that it solves:

Strength, Speed and Power Profiling – Profile performance qualities and identify and isolate factors that contribute to performance, or impairments that could increase injury or produce unnecessary fatigue.

Specificity Training – Overload key movement patterns in training and rehabilitation. Load and speed can be adjusted on the fly, specific to each athlete’s needs.

Talent identification – Evaluate training status and specific capabilities of athletes at any level.

Asymmetry Detection – Discover and quantify asymmetries that affect movement quality and performance.

Injury Treatment Evaluation – Audit the efficacy of different treatment approaches. The 1080 Motion software accurately documents the physical recovery status after training and competition.

Power Endurance Evaluation – Test endurance in high transfer movement patterns, such as ability to repeatedly perform a change-of-direction movement before technical degradation.

The flexibility of the system allows for greater creativity to explore human movement. The broad spectrum of multi-planar and multi-modal resistance types combined with real time feedback is the enabling factor.


Intelligent and variable resistance

The resistance in the Quantum system is provided by a powerful electric rotary actuator controlled by an on board computer. Research grade accuracy stems from a torque regulation and speed adjustment at over 300 times per second.  This makes the system powerful enough to overload world-class athletes yet gentle enough for post-operation rehabilitation in the senior population.  The reliability has been verified by independent institutions in Europe and North America.




Figure: Correlation between peak force values calculated by K-toyo 333A and 1080 Quantum. (Dala Sports Academy, Sweden)

The implications of computerized resistance are far reaching. Now we have the freedom to “build” unique resistance types and measurement options implemented in software and are able to apply the full Force-Velocity relationship in one single device.

Furthermore, we are no longer constrained by the fixed physical properties of weights, air cylinders or flywheels that provide resistance in most other training tools.  Therefore, the 1080 Quantum offers a complete spectrum of resistance types available with a tap of a screen:

Iso-inertial – emulated conventional weight cable stack resistance

Isotonic – constant resistance over the repetition

Isokinetic – constant speed for optimal force development and time under tension

Variable inertia – resistance and inertia when you need it. Perfect for power and high velocity training

Vibration – different amplitudes at 25 Hz

Speed Control

Additionally, the independent speed control for the concentric and eccentric phase regulates the aggressiveness of a chosen resistance level.  Here are a few examples of how resistance and speed adjustments are used in combination to provide effective and useful loading options:

  • A popular option for highly trained athletes is slow iso-kinetic concentric contractions in combination with a full speed iso-inertial eccentric phase. This means maximized concentric force stimulation combined with an aggressive eccentric velocity. The idea is to optimize time-under-tension (concentrically) and maximize recruitment in the SSC (eccentrically), all within a single repetition.
  • The 1080 technology permits supra-maximal eccentric muscle contractions. The athlete will try to resist a slow but very high force. Imagine a completely safe way to attempt to hold against a 2-ton elevator cage slowly pressing you down.
  • Ballistic concentric-only exercises can be done by simply removing the speed of the eccentric component.
  • The ability to adjust velocity in small increments (either concentric velocity, eccentric velocity or both) in an exercise is ideal to safely progress a return-to-play intervention.
  • The Quantum allows for true eccentric overloading, superior to flywheels and other static mass options.


Measurable results with Quantum technology

Recent groundbreaking research with Quantum shows that athletes adapt faster than with conventional options. In a peer reviewed published study from the Norwegian Olympic Training Center, Paulsen and colleagues compared two approaches (barbell strength and Olympic lifting) to the 1080 Quantum system.


Figure: Maximal strength changes achieved with the 1080 Quantum.

The results not only favored the two resistance modes–isokinetics and eccentric overloading–provided by the Quantum, but also the effective training time was significantly less than with the other options. In addition to the power changes, morphological adaptations of fascicle angle to the vastus lateralis and hypertrophy were unique to the Quantum group.


Testing and biofeedback  

By supporting testing in an array of planes of motion and exercises, the Quantum extends from single joint movement evaluation to the full freedom of natural and closed chain movements.

Graphs showing the development of force, speed and power throughout the movement provides biofeedback during testing and training. With a sample rate of 333 hz, the data is stored in the cloud.



Why leading experts in sport are using the 1080 Quantum

We are privileged to support some of the best teams in professional sports and Olympic training centers. With systems deployed in the English Premier league, NBA, NHL and NFL, these pioneering users reap benefits otherwise difficult to harness.

In addition to professional teams, some of the best universities have elected to use 1080 systems for both student athletes and conducting progressive scientific research and teaching. Finally, we are also improving athlete performance and patient outcomes in the private sector, with our technology being used at leading training and rehabilitation centers.



Adopting 1080 Motion systems into your setting 

Upgrading your facility with the 1080 Quantum is easy and we support the process with full in-service education. We help professional teams, educational institutions and private facilities implementing 1080 Motion for their athletes and clients.

Getting started with 1080 Motion can transform your training or rehabilitation area into a comprehensive laboratory yielding easily acquired and actionable data.  The 1080 Quantum extends the capabilities of human performance and sports medicine professionals to maximize the impact of their knowledge and skills.

We welcome you to join our extended family of satisfied users.

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