Ben Shear is one of the top experts in Golf Performance and sports training. He is using the 1080 Quantum to help his athletes train with more precision in how they prepare for sport. Ben understands how elastic energy is created and transferred, and designed appropriate programs to individualize training for his clients.
“I have never been so excited about working with a piece of exercise equipment as I am with my 1080 Quantum. This is the first piece of equipment that truly lets me use the advanced science and research from the world of strength and conditioning in a practical application. The ability to control the concentric and eccentric loads independently, as well as pinpoint the velocities, is a huge factor in our new program design. Our trainers, golfers and athletes of all sports love the graphics and numeric feedback which immediately show them their velocities, power, and force outputs for every rep they do. This information is critical to performance training strategies. I could not recommend this product more highly–Truly a game changer in the world of strength and conditioning.”

Ben Shear
Owner Athletic Edge
PGA Tour Trainer
Golf Digest Fitness Advisor
SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio host of “Golfers Edge”