J-B Morin led a team of sports scientists that investigated the effects of resisted sprinting at maximum power production.   

The researchers came together to build off their extensive body of work in horizontal force production, sprint kinetics and optimizing resisted sprinting. The study involved athletes from rugby, soccer and track and field. The rugby players in the study used the 1080 Sprint for both testing and training. Athletes from other sports at other testing centers used traditional weighted sleds.

Among their preliminary observations, they noted that the 1080 Sprint is an effective single tool for profiling, testing and training. They demonstrated the 1080 Sprint’s reliability and validity for force-velocity profiling by comparing the output with output from laser measurements. This adds to the growing number of applications where 1080 Motion equipment offers a versatile alternative to existing gold standard methodologies.

Not all athletes in J-B Morin’s study showed clear improvements in their sprinting acceleration. This speaks to the necessity of individual force-velocity profiling as the basis of any resisted sprint training program.

Publication of the research is anticipated in the fall.