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1080 Sprint and 1080 Quantum System Updates

Update to version:


With the new release we introduce a QUICK START option. This enables you to train without logging in while still getting biofeedback of each rep. Using QUICK START there is no need to login, select a Client, set up a Session and choose an Exercise.

Update to version:

Change of Direction (CoD)

Accurately measure continuous data, of both the acceleration and deceleration phases, in CoD exercises. Data presentation and analysis of acceleration and deceleration phase characteristics. Use predefined or create your own CoD exercises and tests, specific to your needs. Easy administration of CoD testing for individuals or groups.

Update to version:

Variable load Low to High

With this update, we extend the variable load feature in the 1080 Sprint. Previously you could move from a higher initial load to a lower secondary load depending on speed. Now you can also move from a lower initial load to a higher secondary load also governed by speed.

Update to version:

Vmax vs Peak speed - Edit Split

If you want to change the default 5 m split length or apply other rules, mark one of the runs in the set and push the Edit split button and the below will pop-up. To edit every measurement in a set to the same setting, check the “apply to all measurements in set” tickbox.

Update to version:

Optimized download of synchronized training data for improved performance

When logging in to your 1080 Motion user account, the software automatically downloads data (client profiles, groups, exercise library etc.) belonging to your instructor account. It caches this data on your tablet or PC local database. Earlier versions of the software have downloaded all the Sessions, Exercises, Sets and the corresponding training data.

The change introduced in this version is that Sessions will no longer be automatically downloaded when logging in. However, when navigating to a specific Set, that data will be cached (i.e., the next time you click on it, it will be available locally and does not need to be fetched from the cloud server). The benefit of this strategy is that much less data is downloaded, and the sync process will be faster leading to better performance overall. The one downside is that some old data that you have not viewed recently will not be available in the local cache. You will have to reconnect to the internet in order to view older data.

Remove data from local cache that has not been activated or viewed in the last 30 days.

To make the local database cache smaller and free up local hard drive space, the software will automatically remove all data from the local cache for all clients that have not been activated in the last 30 days. This of course only applies to data that is safely synced and uploaded to the server. Not yet synchronized data will never be removed. Activating a client means adding it to the “Active clients” list in the left side menu in the application.

And while we are at it – please remove clients no longer active!

When you remove a Client, all data linked to that Client will be deleted from the cloud database. Removing old unused data will therefore speed up your sync process, since the database searches will have less data to search. In fact, if you are located within the EU you are not allowed to store data on non-active Clients according to the GDPR-legislation. There is no clear directive on how long you should keep it. If you expect a Client to return, all the data from previous session may of course be valuable.

Update to version:

Software Update Notification

The following improvements are introduced in version

1) “Auto distance” is the new default option for linear measurements such as sprints. It is recommended as measurements are highly consistent and repeatable, and will ensure you capture the athlete’s movement from the very start. Simply enter the distance you want to measure. The measurement is triggered when the athlete moves faster than 0.2 m/s and farther than 0.3 meters. To avoid triggering the test too early, ensure the athlete is still in the set position once you hit the “Begin” button. The previous default setting was “Manual”.

2) All linear sprint measurements are now displayed from the start position 0 meters. This applies to both old and new data. This is a change from previously when the start position was measured as the distance from the calibration point.

Assisted measurements will start from the 0-meter position and are displayed as a negative number when completed. The negative number is defined as the assisted direction for the machine.

3) New data structure in the overview for linear exercise display.

1) Total distance recorded

2) Selected split distance

3) Total time over total distance

4) Time over split distance

5) Average speed over split distance

6) Load used

7) Mode used

Update to version:

Software Update Notification

The following improvements are introduced in version

1) Reporting of variable load settings.

A bugfix where the settings used with variable load is now displayed correctly.

2) Resistance settings in session overview

In the data overview of exercises – the load settings used are now displayed

3) NFW as the default mode

When starting up the 1080 Software, our most used mode NFW, is now set as default mode.

4) Display changes to reps over time

When time is selected on the X-axis for single, syncro and syncro smith, exercises – the two consecutive phases are displayed chronologically. In the picture above con to ecc is displayed over time


Eric Lichter – Co-founder of Plus 2 University

RE_Building by Northwest Rehabilitation Associates – Salem, Oregon

Tyler Kugler – Wasatch Sports Factory – Park City, Utah

Eric Allen – Co-Founder of Pace Fitness Academy

Tommy Christian – Founder of TCBoost

Chris Korfist – Slow Guy Speed School, Chicago


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