j-b morin, 1080 sprint, resisted sprinting

Resisted sprinting for maximal power: Early findings from J-B Morin et al.

J-B Morin led a team of sports scientists that investigated the effects of resisted

1080 quantum, isokinetic dynanometer

University of Guelph uses 1080 Quantum to test effectiveness of topical creatine supplement

Creatine loading protocols have been remarkably stable amidst other advancements in

university of guelph

Measuring lateral movement in ice hockey goalies with 1080 Sprint at University of Guelph

Researchers at the University of Guelph are studying the effect that three different

university of alabama adapted athletics

1080 Sprint in adapted athletics: Strength and conditioning research at University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is one of the world’s top institutions for adapted athletics. The