Grant Holloway

If It Ain’t Broke: How Florida Track & Field Integrates New Tools In a Winning Program

Coaches Mike Holloway and Nic Petersen of Florida Gators Track and Field discuss their strategies for focusing on sound technique and the basics while integrating new training tools and technologies such as the 1080 Sprint.
Oblique Case Study

Utilizing 1080 Quantum to Safely Expedite Return-to-Play

Oblique strains and tears routinely immobilize football quarterbacks, baseball hitters, golfers, and tennis pros — by utilizing the 1080 Quantum, rehab professionals can safely guide return-to-play protocols for this challenging injury.

Chasing Watts and Shaving 40 Times at the RIG Academy

Coach Robert Johansson of the RIG Academy in Uppsala, Sweden, discusses his system for developing speed and power with resisted sprints on the 1080 Sprint.
Resisted Lunge

Beyond Top Speed—7 Keys to Peak Power with Indiana Football’s Matt Rhea

Matt Rhea is a speed guy. A PhD in fact, focusing on performance…
Jones Cricket Bowler

Velocity and Ground Contact for Cricket Bowlers with Steffan Jones

Ten years after Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson made his MLB…
Fast Bowling

1080 Sprint For Fast Bowling, by Steffan Jones

Over the last year, Pacelab Ltd has spent hours assessing and…