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1080 Quantum for golf swing training: Ben Shear on the right time for S&C

As strength and power training becomes a staple of conditioning for professional golfers, daily life
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Loyola University track and field: Excuses are not in the budget

On Friday mornings throughout the winter, Coach Bob Thurnhoffer is one of the first people inside Loyola
1080 sprint

1080 Sprint: Helping football combine testing transfer to the game

“We focus on one thing, and people know what that is as soon as they see the name on the door,” Matt
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1080 Sprint in baseball: Resisted and overspeed sprinting to train mechanics

Incoming baseball players at Clemson University may wonder for a moment if they showed up to the gym
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ACL rehab with the 1080 Quantum: Overcoming the pitfalls of under-loading

Timid rehabilitation protocols can lead to a “false positive” when it comes time to assess an athlete’s
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Overspeed sprinting: Joseph Coyne on progressing and transferring training

Joseph Coyne is the Physical Preparation Coach with the Chinese Athletics Association. He joined the