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1080 Sprint in baseball: Resisted and overspeed sprinting to train mechanics

Incoming baseball players at Clemson University may wonder for a moment if they showed up to the gym
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ACL rehab with the 1080 Quantum: Overcoming the pitfalls of under-loading

Timid rehabilitation protocols can lead to a “false positive” when it comes time to assess an athlete’s
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Overspeed sprinting: Joseph Coyne on progressing and transferring training

Joseph Coyne is the Physical Preparation Coach with the Chinese Athletics Association. He joined the
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1080 Motion Summit: 'Heavy-sled sprinting people' and the 120% solution

1080 Motion recently hosted their annual Summit in Gothenburg, Sweden. Attendees from across Europe,
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Three highlights from GAINcast interview with 1080 Motion's Ola Eriksrud

Ola Eriksrud and Vern Gambetta covered as much ground as they could in 45 minutes on a recent GAINcast