New 1080 Quantum demo site in Como, Italy

Interested in testing out the 1080 Quantum in the north of Italy? Welcome to CPP, Enzo

Jump start of 1080 MAP in Montana

Lone Peak Physical Therapy has eight locations across Montana. These cater to a broad

Texas Football: Clear Results, Full Data, Can’t Lose

BY LACI MOSIER, AUSTIN FIT MAGAZINE How one gym is using science to redefine sports.

Video: Ben Prentiss training NHL athletes with 1080 Motion systems

Ben Prentiss is the founder of Prentiss Hockey Performance in Stamford Connecticut.

New Research Project: 1080 Sprint vs. Traditional Sprint Training

           Picture: Handballer Rikke Jensen with S&C Coach and Master student

Performance podcast with Cameron Josse

Link to podcast on Just Fly Performance “Cameron is one of the brightest young