houston astros

World Series: Comparing Astros' and Dodgers' man-games lost, Lost-WAR

Major League Baseball teams defy a simple or clear relationship between player injuries and team performance.
1080 sprint

1080 Sprint research: 20m sprint kinetics for basketball testing and training

The kinetics of a 20-meter sprint may tell a coach more about an athlete’s ability than just their
arun gray, boston town fc

Non-league football opening to performance staff for injury prevention

Boston Town FC’s first performance specialist, Arun Gray, is a one-man operation for injury prevention,
james de lacey, rugby

Eccentric and isometric training to prevent hamstring injuries in rugby

Preventing hamstring injuries is a major consideration for strength and conditioning coaches in field
hockey summit, hockey

Fusing training and testing with the 1080 Sprint at The Hockey Summit

Justin Roethlingshoefer used the 1080 Sprint to merge testing and training for on-ice and dry-land work
john bowskill, 1080 quantum

1080 Motion in the clinic: John Bowskill on proactive sports medicine for golf

John Bowskill has seen a significant shift in how golfers manage their seasons and careers to prevent